Story of American History Tours LLC

My name is Glenn Fountain, owner, and operator of American History Tours LLC. Teaching history was an amazing chapter in my life and I enjoyed it very much.  Connecting with students and families will always bring fond memories for me.  But, experiencing history through travel is my passion.  There is simply nothing like walking the footsteps of George Washington at his home, Mount Vernon or standing in the very spot where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous I Have a Dream speech at the Lincoln Memorial.  Learning history through travel stimulates the mind to obtain a deeper understanding, more than a book ever could.

When I was teaching, my school used a large tour company to manage our annual trip to D.C., but the price just kept getting higher and higher.  The price was getting so high, that I decided to plan the trip myself.  It was a ton of work, more than I had thought, but it saved a lot of money for our students and their families.  

It was true, the first year, the students saved $275 per person. That included adding Hershey Park to the end of our trip.

The next year, I spoke to a teacher from another school. He wanted me to lead their trip as well. It was a success, and American History Tours LLC was born, that was 2013 and we've been providing awesome tours ever since.

Now, I proudly help many groups experience educational travel to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, Gettysburg, New York, etc... at a reasonable price.

If you are interested in touring D.C. along with Gettysburg, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Williamsburg, or any other destination, please contact me for a quote as I am sure it would be well worth your time.

Glenn Fountain
American History Tours LLC